More New LongLocks Hair Jewelry Style Preview Teasing

Hmm.  I may or may not be featuring all or some of the below to-die-for gemstones, crystal beads and jewelry findings in my new upcoming LongLocks hair jewelry style about to make its debut in the LongLocks HairSticks Catalog:

Shimmering Handmade Paper for LongLocks HairSticks

Shimmering Paper Handmade for the New Style

Heliotrope Crystals for LongLocks HairSticks

Heliotrope Crystals

New LongLocks HairSticks style with a shimmering finish

A Very Shimmery Decoupage Hair Stick Finish

Green Aventurine Gemstone Rose Beads for New LongLocks HairSticks Style

Genuine Green Aventurine Gemstone Rose Beads

Sun Crystals with a Pink Aurora Borealis Finish

Sun Crystals with Pink Aurora Borealis

I’d definitely say “may” is probably a safer bet than “may not!” :D

Don’t forget, if you want first dibs on the hair sticks that are part of the private new style preview, you’ll have to be a member of the LongLocks HairSticks Collectors Club (it’s FREE!) Keep in mind, those Collector chickies can be ravenous at times, so don’t blame me if you’re not a member when they are announced and they eat them alive, and ya’ll end up having to wait for another batch to be designed and completed before the new style hits the publicly accessible LongLocks catalog (which the Collectors and subscribers to the LongLocksNews newsletter will know about first). Fair warning! I hereby absolve myself from all responsibility for the state of your own personal LongLocks hair jewelry collection, and there will be no whining at the jewelry artist. My mama didn’t raise no fools, I have learned over the years to take all precautions to protect my own rear when it comes to these delicate matters, LOL!

The live preview announcement will go out via a link in an email to the Collectors Club mailing list, and I will let the Collectors know on the LongLocks Facebook page and the Style & Angst Twitter stream when I am about to send it, so you’ll want to make sure you’re following me if you want to be first in! At this point all I will say is that the preview will go live “sometime before midnight ET Sunday night.” Cuz I’m meeean and cru-el like that ;)

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