Promising New Method May Help Balding Women and Alopecia Sufferers

Apparently there is a promising new cure for baldness and it involves something very akin to cloning hair follicles! I was just sent an article from the New York Times about this and I was so happy when I read… Continue reading

An Urgent Notice to Collectors Club Gmail Subscribers!

Gmail is still making my Collectors Club Members‘ and my life miserable. I am in the process of alerting everyone I can that a new address is needed if you joined the LongLocks HairSticks Collectors Club using a gmail… Continue reading

Save the Internet, Stop SOPA/PIPA NOW!

Save the Internet, Stop SOPA/PIPA Now!

The LongLocks HairSticks Boutique and Style & Angst blog are participating in an internet-wide protest against two bills currently being considered in the US House and Senate. Called SOPA and PIPA, these bills threaten to destroy the internet as… Continue reading

The Importance of Fighting the SOPA and PIPA Bills

I was going to write an extensive post explaining exactly why it is so terribly important to support the fight against SOPA and PIPA but in the end I decided just directing you to Fight for the Future would be… Continue reading

Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011

By BarbaraAnne:

He had no fear.

How many of us give up our dreams to change the world so society won’t think us mad? Is it better to have lost everything following a dream, than having been afraid to try?… Continue reading

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