Kate Middleton: Royal Wedding Dress

By BarbaraAnne:

Fainting with exhaustion from not caring about the Arab uprisings, American floods, African chaos, and Afghan war, journalists obsessively speculated on who would design Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. The day finally came. If it didn’t, everyone would have… Continue reading

Calvin Klein Obsession

By BarbaraAnne:

I have been thinking about life’s meaning and its relation to obsessions.
The pendulum swings from stalking to passionate collector; murder to magnificence.

Annabel Lee

John Lennon


channeled intelligently
begets beauty.

So I bought perfume today,… Continue reading

Judith Leiber

By BarbaraAnne:

If you can’t afford $6000 for a handbag, there is no use going into Bergdorf Goodman. If you can, there is no use going anywhere else.

For the 2011 fall collection, they are selling some miraculous pieces… Continue reading

Manolo Blahnik Shoes

By BarbaraAnne:

I must have these shoes.

I was talking to a man — I know, wasting my time on inferior beings but my charity knows no bounds — anyway, he says, “You don’t need a new pair of shoes,… Continue reading

Grace Kelly and Edith Head

By BarbaraAnne:

“Jeff: The Lisa Freemont who never wears the same dress twice?
Lisa: Only because it’s expected of her.
(She does a model’s turn.)
Lisa: Right off the Paris plane, think it will sell?”

As the most copied dress… Continue reading

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