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Choosing the Best Length Hair Sticks For Your Hair

Do you have very thick or long hair and are puzzled whether regular length LongLocks HairSticks are right for you or if you should instead order LongLocks RapunzelStix?
As a general rule, almost anyone can use our regular length bone hair sticks to easily create elegant updos. Unless you plan to create really complicated styles, only those with incredibly long hair (past hip length), or extremely thick or curly hair will require the longer wood sticks we use to design the LongLocks RapunzelStix style of hair jewelry to fashion beautiful updos and hairstyles in your lovely long locks.

Using myself as an example, at this writing my very straight and smooth hard-to-keep-anything-in hair is just about 32" long (just at the bottom on my hip bone). Although my hair is fine (in reference to the diameter of each hair) it is reasonably thick (in reference to all my hair gathered together). Despite my hair's length, two regular-length bone LongLocks HairSticks easily hold all my hair securely in a braided bun. Being as long as it is, my hair would have to be a fair amount coarser or thicker for me to be inclined to use the longer LongLocks RapunzelStix, but I expect even if my hair grows several more inches I will still be able to use the regular length sticks.
Emerald Dragon LongLocks GeishsaStix Kanzashi Hair Pin
That being said, I do often use LongLocks RapunzelStix when I create hair styles that use just one hairstick to hold all my hair; however, I can easily create updos with just one regular-length stick if the hairstyle doesn't require that my hair be wrapped around the stick more than once or twice at the most. So, if you plan to create some fabulous complicated styles in your hair that will require lots of wrapping, which generally takes fairly long hair to begin with, RapunzelStix may be the way to go. Of course, nothing keeps you from using a coordinating pair consisting of one of each if you want to create a hairstyle that would work best using different lengths where needed.

New to the LongLocks HairSticks Boutique are our tapered wood hair sticks. These slightly longer and thinner hair sticks are especially good for hard-to-hold hair, such as hair that is more on the fine, thin or very smooth side; however, they are an excellent median choice for almost any hair type. I have a very limited number of these new sticks, so unfortunately they are not a permanent addition to our catalog, but enough that I can make them available for at least a little while going forward. The tapered wood hair sticks are currently displayed in our online catalog on designs in the LongLocks MajeStix, BijouStix and LuminiStix styles, but designs may be special ordered on them in almost any available LongLocks style; simply note your preference for the wood sticks in the Feedback field in our secure shopping cart and I will be happy to make that change for you.

So, to sum it all up, hair that is even very long but not extremely thick or heavy (most people, even with very long hair, fit into this category), can easily be styled with our regular-length bone hair sticks. Those with almost any kind of hair, even very thin or slippery hair, will find using our new tapered wood sticks to create updos very easy to work with and keep a tight hold in their hair. Very thick long hair, or fine to medium thickness hair that is butt length or longer, as well as complicated styles where you would prefer to have extra stick length to play with wrapping, call for the longer LongLocks RapuzelStix style.

Still unsure of what is best for you? Try practicing with pencils the same length as the hair accessories in which you are interested (don't forget to allow an inch or so for the jeweled end, which won't affect the length of hair stick that holds your hair). Be sure to sharpen the pencils so the wood is very smooth and doesn't catch your hair (a light rub with some fine sandpaper wouldn't hurt), and scribble with them before inserting them into your hair so you dull the ends a bit.

If you would like to learn how to use hair sticks to create gorgeous updos, be sure to check out our free Ultimate Guide to Using Hair Sticks. You'll soon have a good idea of which style of LongLocks HairSticks is right for you!

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