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Special Edition Hair Jewelry Designs
by LongLocks HairSticks

The best of the best

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Frost Blossoms Stix Nouveau Hair Jewelry

Stolen Heart BridalStix Wedding Hair Jewelry

Virtue BridalStix Wedding Hair Jewelry

Requiem RomanzaStix Hair Jewelry

Radiant Rose Special Edition Original LongLocks HairSticks

Capri Gardens SugarStix Hair Accessories

Yin's Yang ChapStix Hair Sticks for Men

Hidden Beauty PearliStix Hair Jewelry

Belle Azure Japanese Hair Ornament

Stash ChapStix Hair Accessories for Men

Turquadisiac FoilStix Hair Sticks

Fire Lotus FoilStix Hair Sticks

Peek-A-Boo Stix Nouveau Hair Jewelry

Lace Blues MajeStix Hair Sticks

Coral Bloom MajeStix Hair Sticks

Spring Daydream MajeStix Hair Sticks

Peach Brulé Stix Nouveau Hair Jewelry

Amulet ChapStix Hair Sticks for Men

Eclipse GlimmerStix Hair Jewelry

Après Ski GlimmerStix Hair Jewelry

Pearl Parfait PearliStix Hair Accessories

Aquadisiac GlitterStix Hair Accessories

Thunder Bay BijouStix Hair Sticks

Cassis BijouStix Hair Sticks

Ruby Japanese Hair Ornament

Faerie Opals Hair Sticks

Italian Riviera RomanzaStix Hair Sticks

Garden Rain GlitterStix Hair Accessories

Butterfly Rose BridalStix Wedding Hair Jewelry

Inferno SwingStix Hair Pins

Peach Moonglow SwingStix Hair Pins

Sandy Sea PearliStix Hair Jewelry

Peach Flash GlitterStix Hair Accessories

Snow Lotus RapunzelStix Hair Sticks

Blue Grass RomanzaStix Hair Sticks

Whisper SugarStix Hair Accessories

Sparkle Beach FantasyStix Hair Accessories

Purple Velveteen FantasyStix Hair Accessories

High Fashion GlimmerStix Hair Jewelry

Azaelea Blossom FantasyStix Hair Accessories

Earth Princess HoloStix Hair Jewelry

Noir Prism HoloStix Hair Jewelry

Tenderling BridalStix Wedding Hair Jewelry

Fire Agate HoloStix Hair Jewelry

Hypnotizing LongLocks HairSticks Hair Accessories

Summer Sunflower LongLocks HairSticks Hair Accessories

Zen Lotus DragonStix Hair Accessories

Butterfly Lily DragonStix Hair Accessories

Dreamy Dragon DragonStix Hair Accessories

Purple Laticcino RapunzelStix Hair Sticks

Splendid MineraliStix Hair Jewelry

Precious Gems SugarStix Hair Sticks

Tokyo Nights Japanese Hair Ornament
Tokyo Nights
Special Edition
GeishaStix Hair Pin
Pink Diamond BijouStix Hair Sticks

Lava Blue LuminiStix Hair Accessories

Au Courant LuminiStix Hair Accessories

Sea Roses Special Edition ShimmerStix Hair Sticks

Shimmering Fuchsia Special Edition ShimmerStix Hair Sticks

Shimmer Rose Special Edition ShimmerStix Hair Sticks

The LongLocks HairSticks Boutique is pleased to offer our one-of-a-kind upscale hair jewelry in special edition designs. These exquisite hair accessories are created using luxurious components such hand crafted lampwork beads, rare vintage Swarovski crystals, Venetian art glass and genuine gemstones, all designed with either sterling silver or genuine 22kt. gold vermeil findings.

The special edition designs that appear above also appear on the individual catalog pages displaying each LongLocks HairSticks style. Additionally, you will find several "last chance" special edition designs on Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow that do not appear above.

Members of the LongLocks HairSticks Collectors Club are the elite among our international clientele. Although membership is entirely free, it entitles those serious about collecting our upscale designs to discounts on virtually every boutique purchase, free domestic shipping, exclusive access to private sales and style previews, and the advantage of earning complementary gift certificates as you build your collection. Join today and enjoy the perks of being a LongLocks insider!