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LongLocks RapunzelStix Hair Jewelry
by LongLocks HairSticks

Extra-long hair sticks for Rapunzel-length locks

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Narcotic RapunzelStix Hair Pins
Ginger Snap RapunzelStix Hair Pins
Ginger Snap
Rapunzel's Blush RapunzelStix Hair Pins
Rapunzel's Blush
LongLocks RapunzelStix Hair Pins
Snow Lotus RapunzelStix Hair Pins
Snow Lotus
Special Edition
Splendid RapunzelStix Hair Pins
Special Edition
Purple Laticcino RapunzelStix Hair Pins
Purple Laticcino
Special Edition
Please note that RapunzelStix may always be special ordered in the GlimmerStix style if you feel these may be too long for you. Simply put a note in the feedback field in the shopping cart that you would prefer your one-of-a-kind design created on the shorter bone sticks and we'll be happy to do that for you!

LongLocks RapunzelStix hair accessories are designed exclusively for the true Rapunzel... she who is fortunate enough to have extremely long hair or extraordinarily thick hair. The hair accessories in the LongLocks RapunzelStix line are extra long to allow you to easily create formal updos with even the longest hair, or to create more elaborate hair styles with hair of any length. LongLocks RapunzelStix hair pins are typically crafted of elegantly carved wood that is hand painted in satiny custom-blended artists' acrylics under several layers of protective clear enamel; however, almost any LongLocks HairSticks style may be special ordered on these Rapunzel-length sticks. These one-of-a-kind hair accessories are perfect for creating elegant Prom, wedding or casual hairstyles. Like virtually all LongLocks HairSticks designs, RapunzelStix are never exactly duplicated and every one I craft is recorded in the LongLocks archive.

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