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LongLocks ChapStix Hair Jewelry
by LongLocks HairSticks

Upscale hair sticks for the long-haired man

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Yin's Yang ChapStix Hair Accessories for Men
Yin's Yang
Special Edition
Green Aventurine
Prowler ChapStix Hair Accessories for Men
Prowler New!
Leopardskin Jasper
Amulet ChapStix Hair Accessories for Men
Special Edition
Black Onyx
LongLocks ChapStix Hair Accessories for Men
Rolling Stone ChapStix Hair Accessories for Men
Rolling Stone
Moss Agate
Stash ChapStix Hair Accessories for Men
Stash New!
Special Edition
First Temptation ChapStix Hair Accessories for Men
First Temptation New!
Hand Carved Bone
Men have been wearing hair sticks as long as women, possibly even longer. In fact, Japanese Samurai used hair sticks (kanzashi) as weapons! As often is with style, everything old is new again; 2014 has been dubbed the year of the "man bun" as celebrities have been seen arriving on the red carpet with an assortment of trendy male "updos." Anything that encourages men to wear long hair and keep it beautiful and healthy makes me very happy, there is nothing more gorgeous than a man with long, silky tresses. Samson certainly knew where his strength lay, right? Delilah would never have given him a second look without those luscious locks. (Are you listening Blake Shelton? Time to make reparations and undo your tragic hair-cutting misstep... and no, that was never a mullet, as the uneducated seem determined to insist).

The hair accessories in the LongLocks ChapStix line are designed and hand crafted for that wonderfully intriguing long-haired man, and can be used to create anything from a simple ponytail to one of the more trendy hairstyles that are making waves with the most handsome men in Hollywood (yes yes, pun intended!) These distinctive pieces are designed with a masculine edge, perfect for men or even women who prefer a less opulent look for casual occasions. Every hand crafted LongLocks ChapStix hair stick design is made in very limited numbers and then the design is retired. These hair sticks are offered as singles and may be ordered in multiples if desired.

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