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LongLocks SugarStix Hair Jewelry
by LongLocks HairSticks

Opulent decoupage designs frosted with sparkling sugar

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Capri Gardens SugarStix Hair Sticks
Capri Gardens
Special Edition
Wild Persimmon SugarStix Hair Sticks
Wild Persimmon
Precious Gems SugarStix Hair Sticks
Precious Gems
Special Edition
LongLocks SugarStix Hair Sticks
Spring Heliotrope SugarStix Hair Sticks
Spring Heliotrope
Whisper SugarStix Hair Sticks
Special Edition
Butterfly Blooms SugarStix Hair Sticks
Butterfly Blooms
LongLocks SugarStix hair sticks were inspired by one of the greatest fashion icons of our time. Although she was many things to many people, Diana, Princess of Wales certainly made her mark with style. She once wore the most stunning cocktail dress I have ever seen... a sleeveless little number that was "sugared" with tiny clear glass seed beads that entirely covered the pattern of the watercolor floral fabric beneath, creating a shimmering, frosted effect. It was simply gorgeous and though it took me literally years to finally discover who the designer was (it was part of Catherine Walker's "Russian Collection SS '97" and was worn by Diana on June 23, 1997 to the Christie's of New York auction preview of her gowns), that dress has stuck in my mind since the first time I saw it, and my admiration of it eventually manifested itself into LongLocks SugarStix hair jewelry.

Designed with a focus on vintage Swarovski and contemporary crystal, hand crafted lampwork art class by internationally recognized glass artists and exceptional beads coveted by collectors, LongLocks SugarStix hair sticks are created by detailing natural bone hair pins in floral decoupage or graphic designs and then finishing them with a glittering "sugared" effect. The result is a frosted, opulent design of exquisite beauty. The sugared hair jewelry designs are preserved under several layers of clear, glossy enamel. Every hand crafted LongLocks SugarStix design is recorded in the LongLocks archive, one-of-a-kind, and never exactly duplicated! These original hand crafted hair sticks and the process by which they are created are a LongLocks HairSticks exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else.

Members of the LongLocks HairSticks Collectors Club are the elite among our international clientele. Although membership is entirely free, it entitles those serious about collecting our upscale designs to discounts on virtually every boutique purchase, free domestic shipping, exclusive access to private sales and style previews, and the advantage of earning complementary gift certificates as you build your collection. Join today and enjoy the perks of being a LongLocks insider!