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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow:
Last Chance Hair Jewelry Designs
by LongLocks HairSticks

The last of their kind...

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Autumn's Glory GlimmerStix Hair Accessories

Prism Dragon DragonStix Hair Sticks

Aspen Blue RapunzelStix Hair Sticks

New Buds FantasyStix Hair Accessories

Pink Perfume GeishaStix Hair Ornament

Spring Sparkle RomanzaStix Hair Sticks

Bronze Ambrosia RapunzelStix Hair Sticks

Cobalt Blooms Original LongLocks HairSticks

Pink Lotus RomanzaStix Hair Sticks

Holly Golightly GeishaStix Hair Ornament

Glittering Tourmaline GlitterStix Hair Sticks

Belle Capri RapunzelStix Hair Sticks

Celtic Fairytale GeishaStix Hair Ornament

Friendship Rose PearliStix Hair Sticks

Coppered Sage BijouStix Hair Sticks

Ocean Voyage PearliStix Hair Sticks

Blue Zap FantasyStix Hair Sticks

Chamomile SugarStix Hair Sticks

Pink Icing SugarStix Hair Sticks

LongLocks HairSticks Special Edition Designs

New Spirit Special Edition Original LongLocks HairSticks

Filament Special Edition GlimmerStix Hair Accessories

Nouveau Citrine Stix Nouveau Hair Sticks

Glittering Starshine Special Edition HoloStix Hair Sticks

Glitter Electric GlitterStix Hair Sticks

Raisinberry GeihaStix Hair Ornament

Sea Violet GlimmerStix Hair Sticks

Late Blooms Special Edition MajeStix Hair Accessories

Yamanote GeihaStix Hair Ornament

Graffiti BijouStix Hair Accessories

Heavenly Rose HoloStix Hair Sticks

Amazon Goddess Special Edition LongLocks HairSticks

Sweet Dreaming Special Edition SugarStix Hair Ornaments

Cedar Forest Special Edition SugarStix Hair Sticks

Desert Tears Special Edition SwingStix Hair Sticks

Autumn Maple Special Edition BijouStix Hair Accessories

Gilded Monarch Special Edition GlitterStix Hair Sticks

Ramblin' Rose Special Edition SugarStix Hair Sticks

Galapagos Special Edition LuminiStix Hair Sticks

Blackberry Fizz Special Edition PearliStix Hair Sticks

Delirious Special Edition BijouStix Hair Sticks

Asian Pearl GeihaStix Japanese Kanzashi Hair Ornament

Romanza Twilight Special Edition RomanzaStixStix Hair Sticks

Amber Jewel Special Edition BijouStix Hair Sticks

LongLocks Single Hair Stick Designs

Opal Lace BridalStix Hair Stick

Seascape Sublime PearliStix Hair Stick

April's Forest Single RomanzaStix Hair Stick

Kiwi Dragon DragonStix Hair Acessories

Pearled Autumn PearliStix Hair Stick

After Midnight LuminiStix Hair Stick

Summer Day PearliStix Hair Stick

Emerald Adore PearliStix Hair Stick

With very rare and always noted exception, every hair jewelry design created by Susan Maxwell Schmidt is one-of-a-kind and never duplicated. These very special hair accessories are created with exquisite components such as precious metals, rare vintage Swarovski crystals, hand crafted lampwork beads, Venetian art glass and genuine gemstones. Once a first edition design is sold, one-of-a-kind special order versions, incorporating only small changes to the original design to retain the unique quality of every creation, are offered in very limited numbers. When the catalog style pages in the LongLocks Catalog are updated and only one special order of any given design remains available, it is moved from its catalog page to "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow," as are any remaining designs when a LongLocks HairSticks style is retired.

Because Ms. Schmidt tends to work with vintage components that are available in limited numbers, once the last of the special order versions listed above are sold (especially in the case of Special Edition designs), they often cannot be recreated. This may well be your one and only chance to own your own version of any of these designs!

Members of the LongLocks HairSticks Collectors Club are the elite among our international clientele. Although membership is entirely free, it entitles those serious about collecting our upscale designs to discounts on virtually every boutique purchase, free domestic shipping, exclusive access to private sales and style previews, and the advantage of earning complementary gift certificates as you build your collection. Join today and enjoy the perks of being a LongLocks insider!